Volume ,Issue 4,2017 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  


Influence of space height on the internal explosion response of single-layer spherical reticulated shell[Abstract][View PDF]

Evaluation of corrosion fatigue life for corroded wire for cable-supported bridge[Abstract][View PDF]


Flushing remediation with specific pollutants based on freezing and thawing[Abstract][View PDF]

Inhibition of Microcystis aeruginos by electrochemical oxidation on boron-doped diamond electrode[Abstract][View PDF]

Ultrasonic initiated synthesis and characterization of cationic polyacrylamide[Abstract][View PDF]

Removal of TiO2 nanoparticles from water by coagulation[Abstract][View PDF]

Analysis of flocculant PAC and PAM in the treatment of pickled cabbage wastewater[Abstract][View PDF]

Influence of select the local-region method nearest neighbours on water supply forecasting accuracy[Abstract][View PDF]


Parameter and design method for alkali-activated slag concrete mix[Abstract][View PDF]

Influence of prepared silicate on properties of traditional sticky rice-lime mortar[Abstract][View PDF]

Effect of sulfur aluminum cement and polymer latex on harden performance of CA mortar in low temperature[Abstract][View PDF]


Influence of air conditioning form on the correlation of indoor and outdoor PM2.5 concentration in office building[Abstract][View PDF]

Calculation model of total thermal resistance of bedding and clothing system in low pressure environments[Abstract][View PDF]

Experimental analysis of thermal comfort in the hot-humid environment with radiant panel workstation[Abstract][View PDF]

Analysis on heat transfer performance of ground heat exchangers with typical geological structure in Wuhan and Chongqing[Abstract][View PDF]

Model and influencing factors analysis of external parameters of sewage source heat pump[Abstract][View PDF]

Energy-saving and thermal design of the nontransparent enclosure structure for the buildings in southern China[Abstract][View PDF]

Influence of the buffer-space design on winter heating energy consumption in Lhasa[Abstract][View PDF]

Prediction model of lighting energy consumption and subjective evaluation of convenience stores in China[Abstract][View PDF]

Influence of meteorological parameters on building energy consumption[Abstract][View PDF]

Field measurement of water evaporation in Huizhou traditional dwelling[Abstract][View PDF]