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A Simplified Method to Calculate the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

ZHANG Lei,MENG Qing lin,ZHAO Li hua and ZHANG Yu feng


Received ,Revised , Accepted , Available online July 01, 2015

Volume ,2008,Pages 108-111

  • Abstract
The wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) is difficult to measure and calculate in field observation and numerical simulation. To solve this problem, the air dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, globe temperature, relative humidity, mean air velocity, solar radiation and wet bulb globe temperature in Guangzhou, P. R. China, first were collected during the summer (July). Next, correlation and regression analyses were used to derive a simplified model for calculating WBGT. The results show that dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, mean air velocity and WBGT were interrelated to some extent. These four parameters with high linear correlation can be used to predict WBGT in a simplified model with high precision. The simplified WBGT model can be used in field observation and simulation research regarding urban thermal environments.