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Influence of space height on the internal explosion response of single-layer spherical reticulated shell

Gao Xuanneng , Fu Shiqi


Received November 10, 2016,Revised , Accepted , Available online July 04, 2017

Volume ,2017,Pages 107-114

  • Abstract
Based on the modified Johnson-Cook material model, ANSYS /LS-DYNA was used to establish the model of K8 single-layer spherical reticulated shell, and the structural explosion responses were calculated and analyzed with different space heights. Firstly, the propagation law of the shock waves inside the structure was analyzed,and the feasibility of parameters selection was verified. Secondly, the dynamic responses of the spherical reticulated shell under the internal explosion were discussed, and the influence of different constitutive models on the explosion responses was comparative analyzed. Finally, the ratio of the volume enclosed by lower supporting structure to the total volume surrounded by the whole structure was defined as a space height coefficient. The influence of the space height coefficient on the dynamic responses of spherical latticed shell (with or without holes on wall) was studied and discussed. The results show that the shock waves have a converging effect at the corner of the spherical shell structure, combined with the reflected shock waves, which may seriously affect the dynamic responses of the spherical shell. For the spherical shell with wall no openings, the explosion responses were greatly affected by the reflected shock wave, and for the spherical shell with wall openings, the explosion responses were greatly affected by the space height coefficient. Based on the research results, the reasonable space height coefficient of explosion-resistant design on spherical shell structure under internal explosion was proposed.