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Reaction Kinetics of Three Types of Constructed Wetland for Advanced Domestic Wastewater Treatment

FU Guokai,WANG Min,ZHANG Zhi and ZHOU Qi


Received ,Revised , Accepted , Available online July 01, 2015

Volume ,2012,Pages 111-117

  • Abstract
The removal efficiencies of different pollutants in subsurface flow constructed wetland (SSFW), surface flow constructed wetland (SFW) and combination flow constructed wetland(CFW) treating sewage plant effluent were comparatively analysed. The results were analyzed by using a reaction kinetics model. It is shown that COD, TN, TP are more effectively removed in SSFW than in other two types of wetland, and the kinetic constants are 0.29, 0.20, 0.28 m/d respectively. The SFW has higher removal rate on ammonia and the kinetic constant is 0.12 m/d. Temperature change greatly affects the kinetic constants of ammonia and total nitrogen removal reaction, whilst the influence on COD and TP are not significant. The pollutants removal efficiencies decrease greatly with the increase of hydraulic loading and areal loading. The increment of areal removal mass is reduced with the increase of areal loading in three types of wetland. It is strongly recommended that the constructed wetland be operated on low pollutants loading condition.