Guide for Authors

Manuscript preparation
       Authors are encouraged to submit their whole manuscripts in Microsoft Word format through our online editorial system at here. Please keep the layout of the text as simple as possible, e.g., single column, single line spacing, 10 pt font size, Song font for Chinese, Times New Roman font for English and Arabic numerals.
       The electronic manuscript should be prepared in accordance with the following instructions.
       A title should clearly, and concisely describes the content of the paper. The use of abbreviations and acronymsis discouraged.
       Name, affiliation (institution) of the author(s), city, zip code,country and their corresponding English should be given.
       The objective, method, main results, and conclusion should be included without mathematical equations, or cited marks. The length of an abstract is 200 to 300 characters in Chinese, and 100 to 150 words in English.
Key words:
       Usually 3 to 8 key words or phrases are required in both Chinese and English.
       Papers are usually no more than 7000 characters. The main text of a research article should include an introduction that puts the paper into a proper perspective for the reader, and also sections like Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.
       Individuals or units other than authors who were of direct help in the work should be acknowledged by a brief statement following the text.
       All literature cited in the text should be arranged in alphabetical order at the end of the text. The corresponding English of Chinese references should be given and a statement should be added like “(in Chinese)”. JCAEE abides by a national standard named GB/T 7714-2015 Information and documentation—Rules for bibliographic references and citations to information resources. Authors can refer to this standard for more details. Some examples are given as follows.
1. Journal articles
[1]李晓东, 张庆红, 叶瑾林. 气候学研究的若干理论问题[J].北京大学学报: 自然科学版, 1999, 35(1): 101-106.
LI Xiaodong, ZHANGQinghong, YEJinlin. Some theoretical issues in climate studies[J].Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis,1995, 35(1): 101-106.(in Chinese)
[2]Helsen J, Vanhollebeke F, Marrant B. Multibody modelling of varying complexity for modal behaviour analysis of wind turbine gearboxes[J]. Renewable Energy, 2011, 36(11): 3098-3113.
2. Books
[1]高永涛, 吴顺川.露天采矿学[M].长沙: 中南大学出版社, 2010.
GAO Yongtao, WU Shunchuan. Open-pit mining engineering[M]. Changsha: Central South University Press, 2010.
3. Proceedings
[1]YU D, LIN H, GUO R, et al. The research on realtime middleware for open architecture controller[C]//11th IEEE International Conferenceon Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Application, August 17-19, 2005, Hongkong, China.Hongkong: IEEE, 2005: 80-83.

4. Dissertations
[1]冯琪波. 稻田土壤水稻秸秆生物质炭稳定性研究[D].杭州: 浙江大学, 2013.
FENG Qibo.Stability of rice straw-derived biochar in paddy soil[D]. Hangzhou: Zhejiang University, 2013.
Ethical requirement
       The papers submitted to JCAEE should adhere to publishing ethnics. Authors should read and abide by Publishing Ethical Guidelines for JCAEE Authors.
Copyright transfer
       The papers published in the JCAEE are protected by copyright, and cannot be legally published elsewhere in any form without written permission from JCAEE. After apaper is accepted and before it is published in JCAEE, its author(s) should sign the Publication Agreement.